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To celebrate our first birthday, we at The Rusty Key took a look back at all the books we’ve reviewed in the last year.  Some were superb! Some were sublime! Some were a little sub-par. But no year in review would be complete without a list of bests and worsts, so we dug through the archives to bring you some of the most outrageous, most romantic, most confusing, and most thought-provoking books that made our first year so special. Click on the book covers for our full review.

We dedicate this list to all of you who have helped us get this far!

Most “Seriously, They Thought This Would be a Good Book for Kids?”

Take your pick kids: would you rather be pinning wimples with the bedraggled maidservant Susannah on her foot-journey to Rome, or mixing perfumes in Versailles with the swoony Marion as the Marquis conducts satanic sexual rituals in the next room? What’s that you say? Neither?

© Jordan B. Nielsen, 2010

Most Ludicrous